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Lamborghini Player cool has entered the game

The origins of Lamborghini has its origins in one man - Ferruccio Lamborghini. Born in 1916 and originally a founder of a tractor factory, he clearly had something racier in mind when he started up Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. Since their first car, the 350 GTV, they’ve provided gorgeous luxury super sports cars to people around the world. And with their latest concept, the Terzo Millenio, it’s clear to see they have their sights set on the electric future. Feast your eyes on its despicably slick curves, innovative materials, and eye-catching shape, and you’ll see what we mean. Now we really can’t wait for Lamborghini to launch its first production electric car. Cause it’s clearly gonna be mind-blowing.
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A trailblazing revelation from Sant'Agata Bolognese and Lamborghini's maiden venture into the electric realm. At its core, this GT-inspired 2+2 sport utility vehicle challenges conventions, setting it apart from the anticipated electric Urus. With distinctive features like Porsche-esque lighting and a body style reminiscent of Lamborghini's signature look, the Lanzador promises an exhilarating blend of luxury and performance. A spacious interior, avant-garde design elements, and the potential of the Scalable Systems Platform—projected to pack up to 1,700 horsepower—herald the Lanzador as a beacon of innovation. It’s not just an SUV, but a dynamic bridge between Lamborghini's legendary supercars and the practicality of the Urus.
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Terzo Millennio

If this is where Lambo is going with its zero-emission future... yup, we’re drooling too. The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio doesn’t muck about when it comes to hypercar styling, ridiculous electric performance and just enough tech for it to please even Batman.