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Nissan Accelerating EV adoption, one LEAF at a time

Thanks to the success of the LEAF, the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric vehicle, Nissan staked a claim in the EV game. In 1928, the holding company Nippon Sangyo was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa. The name we know, ‘Nissan’, is an abbreviation used on the Tokyo stock market in the 1930s. I guess Nippon Sangyo was a bit lengthy. Nowadays, the Japanese car manufacturer is all in on all-electric, planning to invest $300 million in its Tochigi plant in 2020.

Nissan has shown off their innovative side even more with their wicked concept cars, like the Nissan Ariya (now in production!) or the super-futuristic IMQ. Seriously, just check them out. EV uptake is accelerating – and Nissan has their foot down.


Leaf combustion cars behind with the Nissan LEAF. A perfect electric city car, it’s jam-packed with plenty of tech and tonnes of driver assist features too. It’s been crowned the UK’s best-selling electric car tonnes of time for good reason.
Concept car


Inching its way to being showroom ready, Nissan’s Ariya electric concept AWD crossover is a thing of beauty. It’s the perfect mix of zen and flashy and is recognisably Nissan in both performance and tech.
Concept car


Nissan’s IMK concept is an electric take on Japan’s ‘kei’ cars – supermini urban run-arounds originally designed to wind through the narrow streets of Tokyo. As part of Nissan’s future mobility program, it’s a first step towards a greater union between car and driver.
Concept car


The electric concept design team went all out with the Nissan IMS. With an exterior finished with a ‘special liquid metal paint meant to suggest an imaginary mineral on the moon’, that’s all you need to know about this awesome futuristic electric crossover.
Concept car


Taking a lot of inspiration from the LEAF, but catapulting it a hundred years into the future, the IMX electric concept takes Nissan’s already existing semi-autonomous ProPilot system and imagines how it might evolve into arms-behind-your-head-with-feet-on-the-dash kinda driving.