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Welcome to the world of Dacia, where "affordable" and "electric" finally decided to have a joyous rendezvous! We know what you're thinking: "Dacia? Electric cars? Surely that's a combination as likely as finding a unicorn playing the bagpipes!" Well, prepare to have your preconceptions sent packing faster than a wind-assisted paper airplane.

Dacia, the cheeky underdog of the automotive world, has taken their signature blend of no-nonsense value and sprinkled it with a hefty dose of electric magic. They've zapped their lineup with electrons, transforming their beloved models into eco-warriors with a twinkle in their LED headlights. You could be cruising along in a Dacia electric car, turning heads and saving the planet without breaking a sweat (or your bank account!). With their range of sleek, efficient, and dare we say, sexy EVs, Dacia proves that going electric doesn't mean sacrificing your hard-earned pounds or your sense of style.

Let Dacia electrify your driving experience. Unicorns playing the bagpipes may still be rare, but affordable electric cars? Well, Dacia has made that magic happen.

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Rev up your savings and put the brakes on unnecessary expenses. Lease a Dacia from your pre-tax income, via salary sacrifice, and save up to 50% of your hard-earned income. Don't let personal loans and leases run you off the road - take control and hit the savings pedal now.

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