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Let's delve into the captivating history of Maxus. Born under the auspices of SAIC Motor Corporation, a true automotive heavyweight hailing from the mystical land of China, Maxus has rapidly established itself as a driving force in the electric revolution.

Drawing on its parent company's extensive knowledge and prowess in the industry, Maxus has crafted a fleet of electric chariots that are nothing short of revolutionary. With a touch of British flair and a pinch of oriental inspiration, these vehicles are a testament to the power of fusion. It's like Shakespeare and Confucius joining forces to create an automotive masterpiece! Maxus' electrifying lineup caters to the discerning tastes of the British electric motoring public, who crave both style and substance.

From the nimble compact wonders to the imposing SUVs, Maxus offers a symphony of options, all powered by the sheer brilliance of electricity. Gone are the days of noisy engines and polluting fumes, replaced by a harmonious chorus of zero-emission, guilt-free driving. So, dear friends, prepare to be dazzled and delighted by Maxus, where the electric future meets British elegance. Buckle up, charge your spirits, and get ready to be blown away. The revolution is here, and it's electric.

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T90 EV

Hold on to your driving gloves, folks! Maxus is taking the concept of "pickup" to a whole new level with the T90 EV. This electrifying charmer combines the ruggedness of a traditional pickup with the eco-friendly magic of electricity. It's like a cross between a dapper gentleman and a superhero. With the T90 EV, you'll be turning heads as you save the planet, one stylish mile at a time. Get ready to experience pickup perfection.