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Toyota No longer just spinning yarns

Toyota has come a long way since its beginnings in 1937 as a small-scale producer of automatic looms. Today, the company is a household name and one of the largest carmakers in the world. Toyota is well known for its reliable vehicles, and has now made a name for itself in the electric vehicle market and as a champion of sustainable transportation.
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If Judge Dredd were hot for a tasty EV lease deal, he’d be straight on the blower to WeVee for a Toyota bZ4X. Awesome design looks as street tough as it does adventure-ready, there's masses of space for lounging inside plus up to 317 miles on a charge. Choose from four trims, add all-wheel drive if you fancy and you’re all set. Oh and the ‘bZ’ bit stands for ‘Beyond Zero’ by the way, the 4 means midsize and the X is shorthand for SUV.