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Peugeot Less je ne sais quois. More ooh la la

Back in 1810 (yes, over 200 years ago) Peugeot began its life as an industrial manufacturer, founded by Jean-Pierre Peugeot. Their first car was unveiled in 1889, making it the second oldest car manufacturer in the whole world. Awesome. Despite its historic roots, its actions are super future focused, with an aim to electrify every one of their models. Though they have no standalone EV, their electric e-208 and e-2008 SUV have been immensely popular. Check ‘em out.

Plans to electrify all their models aside, Peugeot have dabbled with an all-electric concept car too. The eLEGEND CONCEPT is a stunning car, that seriously shows what Peugeot can do. Whatever comes next, it’s gonna be chock full of style.

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With its sleek design and zippy performance, this electrifying hatchback is a game-changer for the eco-conscious trendsetters among us. Say goodbye to traditional petrol engines and hello to the future of motoring sophistication. Buckle up, ladies and gents, because the e-208 is about to take you on a stylish, emission-free joyride. Ready to be electrified? Let's roll.
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This feisty charmer takes the road less travelled, leaving a trail of conventional cars in its wake. With the power to make petrolheads green with envy, this electric dynamo effortlessly combines elegance and eco-consciousness. So, it's time to ignite your inner child and zoom into the future with this electrifying compact SUV.
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Designed to whisk you away into the world of electrifying elegance, this zippy electric marvel blends French finesse with a jolt of eco-conscious sophistication. It's a car that doesn't just turn heads, it leaves them spinning with envy. So, buckle up and get ready to embrace the future, darling, because the e-308 is here to electrify your senses and revolutionize your drive.
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E-308 SW

Prepare to be electrified and entranced by the exquisite Peugeot e-308 SW. This sleek and savvy stunner has arrived to redefine the game of driving, leaving petrol-powered relics in its dust. With the elegance of James Bond and the eco-friendliness of David Attenborough, this electric marvel will have you gliding through town with a smirk on your face and a wink at Mother Nature. Buckle up, darlings, the future is calling.
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Peugeot's latest electric marvel, the E-3008, combines sleek design with eco-friendly innovation. Offering a seamless blend of style and sustainability, this fully electric vehicle is a game-changer for environmentally conscious drivers seeking a premium driving experience without the carbon footprint.
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Brace yourselves for the electrifying revelation that'll zap you into the future of motoring. Introducing the Peugeot E-408, where sleek elegance meets electrifying performance. This automotive marvel will have you zooming around town in eco-chic style, leaving a trail of envious looks in your rear-view mirror. Get ready to bid farewell to the old-school and embrace a new era of four-wheeled brilliance. Welcome to the age of electrifying charm.
Concept car


Always a bold move to put the word ‘legend’ in a car name. But the punt has paid off. The Peugeot E-Legend electric concept takes inspiration from the gorgeous 1960s 504 coupé (a certified legend) and remixes it for an electric, autonomous future.