Peugeot e-LEGEND Concept Car

French people pretty much invented the word ‘renaissance’ when it comes to reinventing an old classic, and now French car specialist Peugeot has been having one of its own recently – especially with this E-Legend concept. The retro two-door body takes inspiration from the gorgeous 1960s 504 coupe and remixes it for an electric, connected, autonomous future. It’s a sensational deja-vu design, yet Peugeot has confirmed the E-Legend will never make production. NOOOO. But. If you want to lease a sexy little electric Peugeot, how about the e-208 hot hatch or its SUV sibling the e-2008? Yes, very different, but also brilliant fun. You should try them. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Charging into the future
The E-Legend might be tres petit, but it gets a big 100kWh battery and all-wheel drive. This is enough to zip it from zero to 62mph in under four seconds and on to an ample 136mph. It’ll even go 380 miles on a charge – which can take as little as 25 minutes and starts as soon as the E-Legend is parked over an induction plate – no charging cables here.


Sooooo retrosexual
The interior is as retrosexual as the exterior. Pimped bucket seats are the stand-out, trimmed in eye-popping ribbed blue velour fabric that contrasts with wood-textured accents. But it’s not all looking in the rear-view mirror with your rose-tints – the spacey steering wheel disappears under the instrument panel in full autonomous mode, leaving the huuuge 49-inch screen as the star of the show. There’s AI tech for a voice-activated personal assistant too.


It's been driving us wild
The E-Legend boasts four driving modes: two autonomous, two manual. The Soft autonomous mode goes full Gallic comfort-spec (the French do this brilliantly) and calms down all the displays to suit. Sharp cranks connectivity to the max, so you can argue with strangers on social media, that kind of thing. But yeah, a car this cool begs to be driven, so select Legend and you get the regular drive mode with three 504-style retro dials, and even a digital wood veneer. Want more? Go Boost mode – the E-Legend tenses its muscles, peps up the response and morphs into a fully fledged driver’s car. That, mon petit French friends, is more like it. Bisous.

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