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Are you ready to explore a new era of electric adventure with the all-new Ford Explorer Electric? With cutting-edge design, groundbreaking tech, and top-notch safety features, this electrified SUV is set to revolutionize your driving experience. Say hello to the future of exploration on wheels.


374-mile Range | 0 - 62 MPH in 6.4 sec | 28E Insurance Group | 5 seats
The Ford Explorer Select offers a balance of comfort and utility. Equipped with essential features like enhanced connectivity and safety technology, it's designed for families seeking reliability and value in a mid-tier package.


354-mile Range | 0 - 62 MPH in 6.4 sec | 29E Insurance Group | 5 seats
The Ford Explorer Premium is the pinnacle of luxury in the line-up. It boasts superior materials, advanced technology, and exclusive amenities such as a panoramic roof and upgraded audio system. Ideal for discerning buyers looking for top-tier comfort and sophistication.

Salary Sacrifice

EcoMute and save
Embrace significant savings with the Ford Explorer through our salary sacrifice scheme. This arrangement slashes motoring costs by over 50% compared to traditional PCP or hire purchase agreements. By offsetting expenses before income tax and National Insurance contributions, you benefit financially. Additionally, VAT relief, reclaimed by your employer, and exclusive corporate car discounts further reduce costs. This smart financing option transforms your driving experience, making the electric Ford Explorer not just an eco-friendly choice, but a financially savvy one too.
SDG Wheel

EcoMute Impact

Reducing Carbon Footprints
Driving the electric Ford Explorer through our EcoMute programme significantly reduces carbon emissions. This initiative aligns with corporate Scope 3 GHG reduction goals, aiding employers in their sustainability journey. Simultaneously, individuals lower their personal carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet. The program promotes the use of electric vehicles, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing the Explorer, you're not just opting for a superior driving experience but also playing a crucial role in combating climate change.

Fuel Savings

Break free from your PCP

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay for your electric car before income tax. The same applies to servicing, tyres and motor insurance, saving you a bundle on your running costs too. What's more, there's

  • no deposit;
  • no credit check; and
  • no personal finance agreement.

It’s a single monthly deduction from your gross pay – before income tax and national insurance contributions. It's typically about half the cost of an equivalent PCP or personal lease. A no-brainer!

Break free from your PCP
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11

Urban Harmony

Eco-friendly City Commutes
Driving the Ford Explorer contributes significantly to SDG 11, fostering sustainable cities and communities. Its zero-emission nature curbs urban pollution, enhancing air quality and promoting healthier living environments. As a symbol of modern urban mobility, the Explorer paves the way for greener, more sustainable cities.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12

Conscious Consumption

Sustainable Driving Choices
The Ford Explorer, especially when charged with renewable energy, exemplifies SDG 12's ethos of responsible consumption. This practice minimizes the environmental impact, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, thereby leading the way in responsible and eco-friendly vehicle usage.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13

Climate Action

Driving Positive Change
The electric Ford Explorer is a beacon for SDG 13, advancing climate action. By opting for this zero-emission vehicle, drivers directly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, playing a crucial role in combating climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Join EcoMuters

Your Green Journey Awaits
Embark on your EcoMuting journey today! Enrolling in our salary sacrifice programme is straightforward. Start by expressing your interest through our website. Our team will guide you through the simple process, helping you understand the benefits and savings. Once enrolled, you'll join a growing community of EcoMuters, driving sustainable change. By choosing the electric Ford Explorer, you're not just selecting a car; you're joining a movement dedicated to environmental responsibility and economic efficiency. Take the first step towards a greener future and become part of a community that values sustainable mobility.