Early Termination Insurance
Electric Car Salary Sacrifice

Early Termination Insurance

Safeguarding employers from long-term financial commitments related to electric car salary sacrifice schemes.

Early termination protection

Early termination insurance (ETI) provides a safety net for employers engaged in electric car salary sacrifice schemes, covering scenarios like employee terminations and extended leave. This protection ensures that changes in employee circumstances don’t translate into financial liabilities for the employer.

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Benefits of Choosing Early Termination Protection

Mitigate financial risks associated with unforeseen events like resignations, redundancies, or extended leave. Our EcoMute early termination charge (ETC) service eases early termination concerns, facilitating hassle-free vehicle returns without financial penalties for prematurely ending contracts.


Are you an Academy Trust? Our EcoMute electric car salary sacrifice scheme for academy trusts, is designed with zero financial risk. Our innovative approach means our scheme doesn't require ESFA approval, ensuring a seamless implementation. Perfect for trusts aiming to support staff in transitioning to electric vehicles without the worry of financial liabilities or complex approval processes.
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