electric car schemes

Set up an electric car benefit scheme

Everything you need to know
To encourage employees to switch to electric cars, companies can now provide a new benefit where they lease an electric car for an employee and the employee pays for it with a monthly deduction from their pay check – but before income tax and national insurance is taken out. This saves the employee and the company a considerable amount of money as they are both paying less tax.

Plus pre-tax deduction not only includes the lease payment, but also insurance and maintenance too – which is more savings. Combine that with paying 75% less in fuels cost, virtually 0% Benefit-in-Kind tax, No ULEZ and No congestion charge and it’s almost too good to believe. 

We have a big  team of experts that will explain this in more detail. They’ll calculate your specific savings on an EV, walk you through getting a salary sacrifice and an Electric Car Benefit Scheme set-up and answer any question you have. So call us on 020 8012 8190 or drop us a note and we'll sort the lot.

Show me my new ride!

What electric car or van you drive depends on which tier you fall in with your company's scheme. But, you could be driving away in any one of these little beauties: