Installing a home charging point

Our aim is to make the process of installing a home charging point really is simple. We have partnered with the UK's leading home charge point suppliers and installers, whoare committed to building great products and delivering excellent customer service. All this goes to help ensure that you continue to enjoy your new electric car life.

Nissan Leaf leases from WeVee

Step 1 - Contact WeVee

When you decide you would like to switch to an electric vehicle, just contact us and we will help you through the process. 

Step 2 - We have a quick chat

We will have a quick chat with you to understand your requirements and we will do all the leg work to find the right solution for you.

Step 3 - Receive your permission

We will need your permission before we contact our charge point solution providers. This will be a simple document that we will send you and you can sign this electronically.

Step 4 - Solutions provider will contact you

Our charging solutions provider will contact you and discuss your requirement in detail and explain the different products, prices and installation process.

Step 5 - Fill forms and send photos

Once you decide on the right product, its simple, just fill out some forms that will enable the government grant to be applied for your installation. You will also need to send some photos of your fuse box, meter cupboard, location where you want the charger installed and your parking place.

Step 6 - Payment and installation date

Our charging solutions provider will provide you with an installation date and send you a payment request.

Step 7 - Installation and commissioning

On the day of installation the engineer will visit your home and complete the installation. The entire process takes anywhere between 2 - 4 hrs. Once the installation is complete the unit will be certified and you will be given a demonstration of the charger and all the applications that you can use to manage the charger effectively.


More ways to charge

With more charge points than filling stations and with ability to charge at home, work, out and about and on the motorway, you don't need to sweat about charging.