Citroen Ami One Concept Car

Citroen has always been about movement for the masses (looking at you, 2CV). And now it’s blasting that history into the EV future with a cool pod that looks like it came straight from the International Space Station. Those frisky Europeans will let 14 year olds lease an Ami One, but if it does come to the UK – it’s not a dead cert – you’ll need to be 16. Citroen’s promising to mash-up the lease rulebook with the Ami One – you can bag it for as little five minutes to nip across town to meet a Tinder ami, or lease it for between five months and five years if you’re more the long-term commitment type. The grapevine says lease deals could cost as little as £17 per month – the cost of a couple of coffees a week. Fancy an electric city car to lease in the UK today? Have a gander at the VW e-up! or a Smart EQ fortwo, then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Ami Amore
Don’t ask if the Ami One has a USB port – it’s practically a smartphone on wheels. You get in it by scanning a QR code on the doors, then snuggle down on blue cushions inspired by outdoor furniture and put your phone in a dock by the steering wheel. Information like sat-nav functionality and music is then projected on a bubble-type head-up display and controlled by two buttons on the steering wheel. No texting, kids.


So dinky
Plug the Ami One in at a public charge station or Wallbox and a full charge will take just two hours. It’s also fine to charge on a three-pin socket. If you’re looking at the Ami One and then back at your irresponsible 16 year old, just know that it can only reach 28mph and travel a maximum of 62 miles even if its diddy lithium-ion battery is fully topped. You could probably cycle after them if things got lairy, then stop the boxy Citroen with an outstretched palm.

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