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Tesla The Musk-have electric car

The name Tesla has become synonymous with EVs and for good reason. Elon Musk & Co. catapulted electric cars into the public eye with the sole aim of showing people that driving electric didn’t mean making compromises. Founded in 2003, Tesla has consistently proven that time and time again. It’s world first premium all-electric Sedan – the Model S – is literally the best in class across the board. And with wicked over-the-air updates, Tesla has changed the EV game for good.

From the Model 3 right up to the Cybertruck these are truly spectacular EVs. And with Tesla investing more in clean energy solutions, a zero-emission future is closer than you think.

Model 3

The Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars to lease in the whole of the UK. And with its mind-blowing tech, unbelievable range, crazy performance and super-fast charging, you can kinda see why. Thanks Musky.

Model Y

With all the power and performance of the Model 3 turned into a compact-luxury SUV, the Model Y is pretty special indeed. Gorgeous design mixed with crazy acceleration, best in class storage, and top of the range tech. Oooft.
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Model S

The Model S set the standard for long-range electric cars, and is one of the most popular electric lease options in the UK. It'll launch you 0-60mph at wicked fast speeds and – of course – it’s jam-packed with terrific tech too.
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Model X

Yet another example of Tesla being a game-changing game changer, the Model X SUV has outrageous falcon wing doors, ridiculous acceleration and futuristic tech like Summon mode. It seems like the future is already available to lease today.


No matter how polarizing the Cybertruck is, you can’t deny the fact that this is truly the future of electric pickup trucks. With outrageous performance and outlandish design, this truck will stand out from the crowd for sure. I mean, just LOOK at it.