How leasing works with WeVee

As it is with any technology product it evolves rapidly over time and products get better over time. The traditional automotive is making way for electric cars that are more of a technology product, consider them as an iPhone on wheels. Hence, it makes perfect sense for you to lease the product.

1. Start with a simple, no-pressure chat

When you think that you’re ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle, just talk to us and we will help you make this transition.

We have a wealth of information from electric car manufacturers, dealerships, local councils, and charging infrastructure providers. We can collate and analyse how you make your journeys and work out if an electric vehicle is even suitable for you. We also will chat about saving. Many people only look at the monthly lease cost, WeVee helps unlock opportunities that will help you reduce your overall monthly expenses towards your car.

If you are convinced, great!

If not, our exclusive 7-day Test Drives might help. You can test drive a car and see for yourself what it’s really like to live electric. Either way let’s have a No-Pressure chat.

2. We’ll do the leg work for you, we just need your permission

We will require your permission to find the right leasing product for you. We will contact and handle the dealerships and leasing companies on your behalf, setting up an electric vehicle credit facility for you to use. We do not charge you for this service - even if you decide not to proceed.

3. Choose your electric car

We will help you to get the right electric car, we will provide you with the best leasing options and rates that are tailored to suit your exact needs. No huge upfront payments or no paying for mileage that you do not use, or select the term that you need (why miss out on the new plates!).

4. Order your new car

Once you have decided, simply electronically sign our order paperwork and we will order your new electric car with a local dealership. We will follow-up and manage the entire delivery process. From this point on, if you do decide to cancel your order there will be a cancellation fee that is mentioned in your order paperwork.

5. We’ll deliver the car to your door

All you need to do is sign the final leasing agreement and we will get the car delivered to your door - either at your home or your workplace.