WeVee™ |  The UK's Electric Car Leasing experts
Why WeVee™

Why the hell not?

We love electric vehicles. It's that simple. And we want you to love them too. To understand them. To see them all in one lovely place. To find an electric car that you can lease right now. Or whenever you're ready. We're here to help figure all this out.

We're here to help, not sell
We’re great believers in the benefits of driving electric. From saving money to cleaning up the air in our community. That’s why we started this thing. We’re not here to push you into a sale. We’re here to show you all the awesome benefits of leasing an electric car. And help you see if it’s right for you.

So, give us a call already. Don’t worry, we’re not like the rest of ‘em. When you call WeVee you’ll only get no-pressure chat, bad jokes and more information on electric cars than you’ll know what to do with. We’re here to help. End of.

020 8012 8190

Every Electric Car

Every EV in one place
Stop wasting time flicking through a ton of different websites. We bring every electric car into one place to make finding your perfect one even easier.

Friends with benefits

Exclusive pricing & stock
We partner with manufactures, dealers and the UK's top lenders to get exclusive EV stock and exclusive EV pricing so that you get what you need.

Real-time Inventory

Get a car right now
We’ve got a stupidly clever real-time inventory system that lets us see all the dealer inventory across the UK. So we can find a car for you, like, right now.

The UK's EV experts

All we do are EVs
Everyone at WeVee loves EVs. So we know a lot about them. Call us and we can talk you through features, specs and even find your nearest charging point.

Start-to-Finish service

We do all the boring stuff
From your first call to delivery, we sort the paperwork, configure the perfect car, set up your charging account and help you get a home charger installed.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs
We’ve developed a super smart pricing tool that lets you figure out a lease configuration that suits your budget. No sneaky-peaky-hidden-cost kinda business.