Faraday Future FF91 Concept Car

Chinese start-up Faraday Future racked up so much debt it was almost Faraday Past, but it seems that’s all smoothed over now, and the Tesla X-battling, Polestar 2-twinning FF91 SUV could actually happen after all. Fingers crossed, because the tech’s properly proper. Take diving equipment if you plan holding your breath for a lease deal though – US and Chinese markets will get the cars first, with Europe a big fat TBC. If you fancy leasing a space-age SUV today, take a look at the lease prices for the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-PACE, and the Mercedes EQC. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Silicon Valley, in a car
Faraday might be funded by Chinese cash, but the FF91 is designed and engineered near Tesla and Apple south of San Francisco, and it’s defined by the same blue-sky tech. Seamless connectivity is the name of the game here, with rear monitors including conference-calling, 4G LTE modems, a built-in Alexa personal assistant, facial recognition and individual front and rear sound zones. It even promises to adapt to your mood when you step aboard with a huge post-meet frown. Over-the-air software updates? Tsk, ’course there are.


More space than NASA
The interior’s all about business-class luxury – the rear massage seats are designed to recline and hold you in the same NASA-spec ‘neutral body posture’ as zero gravity, and while Moon landings are off the agenda, Faraday is pitching a shuttle service between LA and Las Vegas. There’s even spa mode, with chill ambient lighting if not the dressing gowns, nail treatments and texting receptionist. Air suspension means the ride should be just as chill.


Power beyond the ludicrous
The FF91 says ‘super-size me’ to battery size and power. The 130kWh battery is waaay bigger than most EVs and powers three electric motors to deliver a combined 1035bhp – even Ferrari’s most powerful hypercar doesn’t produce so much oomph. And, it’s been zoomed to 60mph in three seconds and tested at 170mph. The latter being another massive if highly pointless leap for EV kind. Range is a bit more terrestrial, if far from shabby at around 300-plus miles and charging takes a minimum 50 minutes. Most start-ups buy all the electric tech in, so props to Faraday – it’s developed the lot in-house.

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