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Fisker A new Tesla rival emerges?

Having designed luxury cars for the likes of Ford, BMW and Aston Martin, Henrik Fisker took the bold decision to finally design something for himself. Founding Fisker Automotive before rebranding as Fisker Inc., aside from building what will (as they claim) be the world’s most sustainable EV – the Fisker Ocean – Fisker is also developing solid-state battery tech that they hope to put in their future EVs. The rest of their EV development is being done in ‘stealth mode’, but things are set to ramp up throughout 2021-2.
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The Fisker Ocean plans to take over Tesla as the most laid-back Californian electric car. An all-electric SUV, it hopes to disrupt the market with 300mi+ of range, a sub-3 second 0-62mph sprint and a full-length solar roof to help grab up to 1,000 miles a year for free. Hmmm, you might want to halve that in the UK.
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