Fisker Ocean Concept Car

Fisker’s had more ups and downs than a stormy sea, which is probably why its upcoming SUV is called the Ocean. Possibly. Maybe. Despite a turbulent back story, this is definitely one to watch – some of California’s finest tech geeks are on-side, and designer Henrik Fisker has form penning gorgeous Aston Martins. UK prices are TBC, but the Ocean will be at the affordable end of the market. There’s no shortage of competition in the e-SUV market, though, and if you want to lease one in the UK right now, check out the Audi e-Tron, Mercedes EQC, Tesla Model X or Jaguar I-PACE. Got one in mind? If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Sketches Heading

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A turtle-pleasing interior
Get this – Fisker calls the Ocean the world’s most sustainable vehicle. There’s a full-length solar roof that’ll help grab up to 1000 free miles a year, fully recycled carpets made from fishing nets, a vegan-friendly interior and an eco-suede interior salvaged from recycled polyester fibres and plastic.


One cool fish
Fisker’s having a crack at the irreverent California vibe Tesla has made its own, with fun stuff including a Karaoke feature accessed via the head-up display and synced with the Fisker Flexee app. Fisker’s also playing the disrupter card, with lease deals as short as a month or lasting several years – pick from two or four-wheel drive, with the 80kW battery pack good for up to 300 miles of range. 0-60mph isn’t shabby either, flashing past in a claimed 2.9sec.

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