electric car salary sacrifice

The next-generation work benefit

Attract and retain top talent in your organisation with an electric car salary sacrifice programme 

salary sacrifice in a nutshell

Drive your motoring costs in half

Salary sacrifice is a game-changer. Paying for an electric car lease from your gross salary, which your employer deducts before income tax, effectively chops up to half of your monthly motoring costs compared to a personal lease. Easy peasy. And it’s not just for top executives; you can roll out an electric car salary sacrifice scheme as a benefit to all your employees so that everyone can enjoy zero-emission motoring and save thousands a year at the same time.

We're the UK's electric car salary sacrifice experts. We've got a dedicated team who can talk you through it, calculate your bespoke savings and even get it set up within your business. So give us a call on 020 8012 8190 or drop us a note and let’s get cracking.

No Income Tax
On Lease Payment
goal-reaching sweetness

great for every employee

It's kinda like a personal lease and employee benefit all in one

No matter where you're at in the ranks, or whatever the size of your business, Salary Sacrifice helps every employee drive an electric car and set the ultimate ECG example – while saving up to half your motoring costs when compared to a Personal Lease.

  • No personal credit check
  • Deduct your car payment before taxes
  • Maintenance and insurance included
  • Pay no NIC or Income tax on any of it
  • Save £1,000s a year in car costs
  • Help give climate change a kicking
Speak to an Employee Advisor

We have advisors that specifically help employees understand Salary Sacrifice, how much they can save and how to share with other stakeholders.

great salary sacrifice cars

Everyone can drive like the boss

Take advantage of saving up to half your monthly motoring costs and treat yourself to one of these little beauties below. They are among our most popular choices when it comes to leasing via Salary Sacrifice.