Available Electric Cars

Meet the UK's electric car line-up

There's almost too many to choose from
Stop wasting time flicking through a ton of different websites. We bring every electric car into one place to make finding your perfect one even easier. We don't mean to show off, but we’ve got a stupidly clever real-time inventory system that lets us see all the dealer inventory across the UK. So we can find a car for you, like, right now.

So have a look. Fall in love with a few. Then let's have a chat about them. Drop us a note or give us a call on 020 8012 8190.

Hatchback & City cars

When size really doesn’t matter

When they say good things come in small packages they (whoever *they* are) must have been talking about these little beauties. These electric compacts have all the awesomeness of a bigger car, but packed into a smaller one.
Midsize & Saloons

The perfectly happy, happy medium

These combustion-busting midsized and electric saloons put their gas guzzling cousins to shame with their combination of size, tech and performance. Some of our faves fall into this category, so check them out and guess which ones they are.
SUVs & Crossovers

The big and the beautiful

The bugger about bigger is fuel cost. But not these big buggers. These big, bad-ass SUVs cost 75% less to fill up. But you can fit 75% more in (than a 75% smaller car...). With great room comes great power. One of the many benefits of electric.