Every Electric Concept Car from WeVee™
Electric Concept Cars

Welcome to the future's future

Every damn electric concept car ya can find

Some of these electric concept cars are just ridiculous. And by ridiculous we mean awesome. And by awesome we mean full of next-generation tech, insane performance and how-the-heck-did-they-do-that? design. Some might make it to production, some might not. Either way, we think they’re way too cool not to look at.

So have a look and get all excited about the future of (electric) cars. Then check out the crack-a-lackin ones you can drive home now. Theeeeeeeen, maybe drop us a note or give us a call on 020 8012 8190 if ya want one.

Hatchback & City cars

Nippy, zippy, and ever so pretty

These electric concept hatchbacks are almost too cool for the road. And some are just a bit ridiculous. It might be a while before we see one of these hit the road, so get inspired and then take a look at all the electric vehicles you can lease right now. When you've fallen in love with a couple, give us a call on 020 8012 8190 and tell us all about it.
midsize & saloons

Medium size, maximum fun

Not too big. Not too small. These midsize electric concept cars should get you fired up about going electric. Better yet, give us a call on 020 8012 8190 and we can find you an EV you can actually lease right now.
supercars & roadsters

They're super

These electric super car concepts are ridiculous. Which is why they're not on the road yet. If everyone crosses their fingers, maybe one day they will be. But for now, have a gander, print them out, stick them on your wall and then have a look at the EVs you *can* lease in the UK right now. Give us a call on 020 8012 8190 and we can help ya pick if you like.
SUVs & Crossovers

More room, more zoom

Start planning that family now, and by the time you're three children deep these electric concept crossovers & SUVs might be ready and waiting for you. Check out all the amazing concepts on the horizon below, then take a look at all the SUVs and crossovers you can lease in the UK right now. Have a play with the lease prices, then call us on 020 8012 8190.
Vans & Trucks

Truckin' awesome

Even though everything seems to be disappearing into the cloud and teleportation doesn't seem too far off, we're still gonna need to move stuff and people about in the future, right? See what we could be moving about in with these electric van and people carrier concepts. But if you need a van or MPV right now we've got some to lease right now. Call us on 020 8012 8190 and we can take you through 'em.